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I love the smell of the earth and watching things grow. I used to love sitting on the steps of the Appleton Public Library that led to the basement jungle of plants. That smell! After college, I took a job working in a garden center and then became a "plant lady" caring for business plants, where I gained basic plant care knowledge, about all kinds of plants. I had a career in the fashion industry and worked as an admin before I started my own creative business, selling my handmade wears online and at local markets, as Freckles Garden.


Plants had become very therapeutic to many people during the pandemic. I started selling my plant propagations at local farmers markets and on Facebook. People of all walks and ages would stop to talk plants. It was amazing!

After 10 years of selling my handmade wears, I decided it would be nice to incorporate my passions into a brick & mortar shop. (plants, sewing, crochet, nature and the moon) Nothing fancy or pricey, just my passion of tending to and watching plants flourish! Today, my goal is to share this knowledge with my customers. Your future plants have been well taken care of and are calling you to take them home. I look forward to hearing about your plant parent journey! ~Chris

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